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Creating a learning and development framework of excellence

Service Description

We provide a bespoke Training & Development program focussed around market awareness and sales techniques for the IT industry. Our methodology is simple as explained below: 1. We design a bespoke package to suit the needs of your operation. This involves a 1-2-1 session with the senior sales management board . We will understand the key business drivers and goals of your go-to-market strategy by running a "health check" incorporating sales system data and engaging directly with groups and individuals for anecdotal information 2. Deploy. We will use the above metrics to identify efficiency gaps and design a program of tried and tested tools and techniques to help drive motivational mindset, streamline organizational management and sharpen the skillset of the team. 3. We will then Deliver a bespoke program consisting of class-room workshops, online micro-training and certified pass results across all aspects of the customer experience journey. We anticipate a marginal increase in performance conservatively between 10 - 15% which means more productive sales team where you can easily measure business growth in net new logo acquisitions and existing business upsales. Our philosophy is Plan Hard, Work Smart & Win More!

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